I took a Game of Thrones House quiz and got House Baelish which isn't even a house and :(

So, I've been doing the Insanity workout :////// jk I like it! I'm still of the "I love to eat burritos and sit" persuasion, but I GUESS it's been nice to eat smaller burritos and sit less. I'm basically a jock now.

I'm in season eight of Seinfeld and I think I'd probably wear most of the things Elaine has worn thus far. Big coats, socks and fancy shoes, floral print everything <3 I hardly watch "real" television because I've been so wrapped up in this marathon, but I did have a chance to watch, hate, watch more, and ultimately come to really miss Broad City. I'm practically a nun, so the whole start of it and its seeming obsession with getting high and being high made my eyes roll entirely out of my head. I stuck it out in hopes of liking it anyway (and in trying to myself be more chill), and now I, like, genuinely feel an aching emptiness in my soul where more episodes should be :( Come back soon :(

A new version of my life starts tomorrow and I look forward to having more time to pet cats, nurse bathtub-inflicted bruises (I knew there was a reason I don't take showers), and sleep. (And read and write, et cetera.) I'd also really like to see Heidelberg, but, ya know $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


Okay, time for bed.

Well, I kept that coat and checked off two places. TWP and I spent half of our Valentine's Day weekend traipsing around the landmarks and museums of Washington, D.C. (the other half was spent alternating between watching my favorite episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (he hadn't watched any) and the first season of Game of Thrones (I hadn't watched any)) and, a few weeks before that, we froze our buns off walking around some of the streets of Baltimore. Adventuring is fun, but I'm sure it'll be even more so when the snow is off the ground and I can comfortably get by with wearing only one pair of tights.

I've got some changes happening soon, good ones, but they're the kind of good changes that have me feeling as sad and nervous as I am happy. The good news of the change brought about an overwhelming sadness with it instantly. I hardly had time to rejoice before the :( and the blank-stare drive home. But I'll be okay. Or, like, I'll maybe be okay? I don't knowwwwwww. The past few weeks have been a weird time, man. I started to notice how often I think about time (re: death), and it is no good. I drove by the middle school I attended in 5th grade a few weeks ago and couldn't shake the sad vibes off of me. 5th grade was almost twenty years ago. Twenty years happened so fast. I'll never be in 5th grade again. Someday I'll be dead. That's not a chill thought process, I feel like! So I should probably find someone to talk to about it.


the bottom, right photo is from Tom's Instagram!


And sometimes things work out.

Kind of!

When we last spoke, this. But so, if we are friends on Facebook (or boyfriend/girlfriend irl), you witnessed the borderline meltdown I had over The Coat. I am a maniac and recently threw away the coat I bought a few years ago because cat fur had embedded itself into the material and I couldn't bear to live that way any longer. I probably could've figured out a way to have the fur removed (some deep lint rolling?), but I sometimes run on impulse (and then usually regret those impulses, but never learn from that regret!). So, with my sturdy, warm coat in the garbage, I was left with a waist-length jacket that feels as though it is choking me whenever I sit down. It isn't horrible, but given that I tend to wear the shortest of dresses, the mid-thigh-length dumpster coat was sorely missed. Also, have you felt the weather over here lately? The "Feels Like" section of the iPhone weather app is like.

The journey to find a new coat was a quick one. H&M was where I found the last one, and it was where I eventually found the new love of my life. The only immediate downside was that only two sizes were left: one that was maybe a size too small, and one that was a size smaller than that. I couldn't afford to purchase either one at that very moment, but I placed the size 6 in a cart and left the tab open. By the time I had money in my bank account, I went to the coat's page (in a new tab) and only a size 4 was left. I couldn't possibly squeeze my bodacious bod into a 4, so I searched eBay and Etsy and other stores for alike alternatives to no such luck. I mean, there was some luck. I found some nice coats, but my heart was so set on The Coat, it was painful to even imagine myself in another one. I didn't give up just yet, though! I am #blessed enough to live near three H&M stores. I'd already checked the one closest to me before the morning I tearfully scrolled through coats on other websites, but I still had two more to go. The thing about retail, though, is that, like, everything is Springtime now. Light jackets abound. Dudes have plenty of old + on sale winter coats filling up the racks, but women be shopping, you know? So, like, three stores later, I was still coatless.

I went back to the open tab with the coat in the cart and continued the purchase, just to see~ I figured I'd get held up along the way with an error page telling me the coat was sold out, or at most, an email the next day informing me I'd be getting a refund because the item I purchased was no longer available. No such error came and, instead of a refund email, I received a "Your order is on its way!" email???????????????? And then, like, IT CAME TO MY HOUSE?????????????????? YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA oh wait no it doesn't fit the gut/butt area of my bodyyyyyyyyyyuhhhhhhhh :(

And then I Windexed my mirror, but did not hang it up on a wall.