Ugly cake.

December has been a pretty wonderful time, you guys! With exception to the J E R K who threw my shoes onto the counter at the ice skating rink instead of nicely placing them there (he was mean to me the whole time! What did I do to you, bro!), my year isn't ending so terribly. I've got lots of candy and books (coloring and otherwise) and leopard print and Winona Ryder Christmas presents to keep me occupied for a while and my two furry babies have been the coziest yet. Brandon snugs often and Brenda follows me throughout the house whenever I leave my bedroom. It has become the saddest thing on this dumb earth to leave them each morning to work, and my weekends away with a boy leave me weepy with missing them. I wish I could shrink them down to a small enough size to squeeze them into my purse whenever I go anywhere. I just love them so much!

I had so many plans for 2013 and it feels kind of defeating to move them into 2014 with me :/ I wanted to go to so many places! And I went to just about none of them. I did literally none of that, is what I am saying. Finances never worked out the way I wanted them to (I didn't land full-time employment until half-way through the year, even) and this brain of mine still struggles with what I want next. Instagram is lousy with wanderlust, what with strangers living in far-off lands, internet pals living in places close enough to visit, and friends on their own overseas journeys for me to pine over. People should just shut up with all of it, you know? But no because like, I turn 30 in May and I want/need life????????? I am going to make life happen this year, fur sure. (Maybe!)

But as for now, today, I am going to watch Enchanted and Robin Hood: Men in Tights while eating snacks in bed and wishing I'd roundhouse kicked that ice skate place guy in his head. Also, this thing I read before and then read again made me sad. Bye!


  1. I went ice skating in Ohio and the teens there were also sort of rude. What's with ice rink workers, man?

    1. I don't even get it! Maybe it's the stinky shoe aroma :(